— Sheffield Carnival

Norfolk Heritage Park | 23rd June 2018

On the 23rd June 2018 we had the honour of proving the Main Stage Audio System for Sheffield Carnival. It is a free, family friendly event held at Norfolk Park. This was the 2nd Event run by the current organisers.

The afternoon consisted of providing the sound for an array of acts, including a Choir, Dancers, Vocalists and many more. One of the highlights was seeing our Lord Mayor, Majid Majid donning a full traditional carnival costume, earning him the nickname ‘The Carnival King’ for the afternoon. For the afternoon we dropped in 2 stacks of 4 x Funktion One Res 5s and 6 x SBHs, all run off Powersoft Amplification for a full sounding, versatile system. We also provided more than adequate stage monitoring in the form of 3 x Yamaha DBR12s, and all the necessary backline.

— Equipment List

— 8 Funktion One Res 5s
— 8 Funktion One SBHs
— Powersoft Amplification
— Yamaha DBR12s (monitoring)

“For us Void Acoustics is the best sound in the world and the best brand on the market today.”


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